Clubs & Activities

Eisenhower offers a variety of enrichment programs and extra curricular activities and events for students and parents alike.
Browse through the list - there is something for everyone offered at our school!
Eisenhower is lucky to offer so many different clubs to meet all of our students' diverse needs. From athletic to academic clubs your child will find what they need before and after school. All of the clubs are teacher led and run at no cost to our students.


Bright Lights Choir

The Bright Lights Choir of Eisenhower extra-curricular activities are available to students so they can pursue their interests or hobbies even further. The Bright Lights of Eisenhower, a choral ensemble that meets before school, is an opportunity for the upper grade level students to devote additional time to developing musical skills, such as singing, reading music, creating vocal harmonies and working as an integral part of a music ensemble. As students take part in this ensemble, it is my goal to expose them to challenging and engaging musical experiences that will inspire them throughout their lives! For more information. Contact Angelie Timm


Help "green" our school! Eco-Eagles Green Team is open to all Eisenhower Elementary students in grades 1-5. The club is designed to increase the children's awareness of environmental issues and to promote positive green changes to our school. It is a wonderful way to have a real impact on our school environment. The club meets once a week after school. There are three distinct sessions during the school year each focusing on a different ecological issue. Contact Marti Hirsch

Fun and Fitness Day

Students participate in a variety of activities in the fall to train their minds and muscles for the upcoming year. We also have the pleasure of having W.E.B. students from Manhattan Middle School help run the different stations throughout the day.                  Contact Terry Neitenbach

Fun Run

Each spring the students raise money for our school by running as many laps as they can during a 30-minute time, join us for a great tune up for the Bolder Boulder!

Contact Terry Neitenbach



Geography Club

Geography Club is for 3rd, 4th, 5th Grades students to demonstrate geography skills and ability at the school level and National Geography Bee, held in January or February. Contact Brooke Rakow

Instrumental Music

Fifth grade students work with strings, brass and woodwinds twice each week during the school day. Instrument rental is available. Concerts are performed for parents in the Fall and in the Spring.

Jump Rope Club

Jumping rope is one of the best exercises for your heart. Through a fun and challenging before school program jumpers master different jumping techniques to move through levels, which challenges their athletic and mental abilities. Open to all grades. 
Contact Terry Neitenbach or Maribeth Leahy

Latino Forums

This is an opportunity for our Latino community members to come together and discuss all things Eisenhower!
Esta es una oportunidad para nuestros miembros de la comunidad latina a reunirse y discutir todas las cosas Eisenhower!

Spelling Bee

An opportunity for 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students to demonstrate spelling ability at the school level of the National Spelling Bee, held in January or February. The school spelling champion represents Eisenhower at the regional Spelling Bee. Contact Brooke Rakow

Yo-Yo Club

This after school club meets during the extensive P.E. unit on yo-yoing. The students try to master different yo-yo tricks to move to higher levels of difficulty. 
Contact Terry Neitenbach

Cup Stacking Club

Cup Stacking Club is open to Eisenhower Elementary students of all skill levels, grades 1-5. With over 70 fitness based activities, sport stacking is fun and engaging! This year, we went to the Cup Stacking National Championship and students were able to showcase their cup stacking talent.  Contact Michael Lund

Ball Games

This morning club takes place in the spring after spring break and is open to all 3rd-5th graders. We play a variety of ball games for FUN! Contact Sam Palsmeier

Running Club?

Contact Carolyn Tompkins


Book Fair and Book Swap!

The Ike Library runs a Scholastic Book Fair fundraiser in November. Information on exact dates/volunteers/etc posted in Weekly Update.

Ike Library has an annual Book Swap on the last Tuesday of the school year.  Students can bring in used books anytime after the winter holiday to donate to the swap.  They will get to select books in May. Contact Sam Palsmeier

Fun and Fitness Day

Students participate in a variety of activities in the fall to train their minds and muscles for the upcoming year. We also have the pleasure of having W.E.B. students from Manhattan Middle School help run the different stations throughout the day.                  Contact Terry Neitenbach

Lifelong Learning Programs

BVSD Lifelong Learning offers a way for kids to expand their knowledge without having to worry about grades or homework. After the school bell rings, students can switch gears from core curriculum to their choice of creative, active and/or brain building options. Igniting a spark outside of the classroom can improve children’s attitude toward school and boost their self-confidence. Best of all, Lifelong Learning reinvests 100% of its profits back into BVSD.

Kids before- and after-school classes meet at 24 different BVSD schools and follow their bell schedules (any BVSD or non-BVSD student is welcome to enroll in classes at any location):

Aspen Creek K-8 BCSIS Bear Creek Birch Coal Creek Comm. Mont.
Douglass Eisenhower Eldorado K-8 Fireside Flatirons Foothill
Heatherwood High Peaks Horizons Kohl Lafayette Louisville
Meadowlark Mesa Monarch K-8 Nederland Pioneer Ryan

Each class is made up of anywhere from five to twelve weekly or bi-weekly sessions. Fall after-school classes run from late August through mid-November, with additional options over Thanksgiving and winter break. Spring classes run from mid-January through mid-May with additional Spring Break options.

Families from each school receive specialized emails detailing offerings at their location.  Check out our current offerings.