Eisenhower Art​

    ​​My name is Elizabeth Jacobs and I am the art teacher at Eisenhower Elementary School.   
    As students progress through their primary years at Eisenhower they will be exposed to a well-rounded art program that is tied to our state standards. Students will be introduced to many materials and tools associated with art including, painting (watercolor, acrylics, tempera), printmaking, ceramics, drawing, collage, textiles, oil pastels, etc.
    As students make their way through the art program they will learn a great deal about artists from the past and from the present, including Henri Matisse, Vincent Van Gogh, Picasso, Maria Martinez, Paul Klee, Yoshitomo Nara,  Hokusai, Georgia O'Keefe, Frank Lloyd Wright, Romare Bearden, Faith Ringgold, Marc Chagall, Mary Cassatt, Diego Rivera, Wassily Kandinsky and the list goes on. 
    Students will learn about color, shape, texture, line, space, form, and value.
    Students will understand all of the elements and principles of art as well as the many ways in which to use them.
    Students will look at many cultures through art including art from Africa, China, Japan, Mexico, Native America, Aboriginal art from Australia, and more.
    Students are also introduced to critical thinking and evaluation of their own and other students' artwork through different types of critiques.
    I strive towards helping individuals to find inspiration through these many different avenues of the arts but also to find their own personal expression within this inspiration.


    ​BVSD's Elementary Curriculum Essentials Document may be viewed at:  ​



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