​​​​​Our mission is to provide equitable access for students and teachers to 21st Century Libraries staffed by 21st Century Librarians in order to create a culture of lifelong learners and a community of digital citizens.
My name is Sam Palsmeier and I’m the Guy-brarian at Eisenhower. The Library/Media Center plays an essential supporting role in our community to meet our educational goals. I want our students to become independent learners and readers. Students need to develop information literacy skills and be able to “Answer my own questions.”  Today information is organized more and more in digital formats. These resources present new challenges to learners and information seekers. Children especially need to develop and integrate “perseverance” skills with digital and online resources. Through the continuation of reading for enjoyment, gaining knowledge and critical thinking skills, and the introduction and integration of new Web 2.0 applications and digital information systems, we will build a new vision of the media center and provide a Twenty-First century learner environment


Meet our Librarian

Marti Hirsch

Job Title: Library Para
Phone Numbers:
School: 720-561-6732

Samuel Palsmeier

Job Title: Media Specialist
Phone Numbers:
School: 720-561-6750