Special Programs

SEL-Social Emotional Learning at Ike (Peace Path Process at Ike)

No Place for Hate

No Place for Hate is a self-directed program helping all of the stakeholders take the lead on improving and maintaining school climate so all students can thrive.

Literacy Program

Eisenhower's Literacy Program supplements the regular classroom instruction to best meet the reading and writing needs of all students at Eisenhower. The goal of the Literacy Program is to ultimately have children read on grade level. In order to work toward that goal, early assessments and interventions are stressed.

Gifted and Talented

In class and in-school opportunities for TAG-identified students, PLUS a variety of after school enrichment activities. For more information visit BVSD Gifted &Talented

Special EducAtion

Boulder Valley is committed to creating inclusive school settings for all students.  Eisenhower has a full range of special education services.  We are proud of our inclusionary practices, and we provide students with the least restrictive environment possible. Students who may be enrolled in our special education resource program have gone through the RTI process and have shown that they need additional support in order to be successful academically and/or behaviorally.  Qualification for services is defined by state mandate.  Once a student goes through the identification process and qualifies, an Individual Educational Plan (IEP) is developed for the student with the joint input of parents and school personnel. 

Eisenhower also has an Intensive Learning Center classroom for students having exceptional special needs or who are medically fragile.  The school offers ancillary services for Speech and Language and Occupational Therapy.  We also have the service of a School Social Worker. All of these services are accessed through a child’s Individual Educational Plan through special education. For more information, please contact the school.

​​Visit the BVSD Special Education Website for more detailed information on the services and support available to all students in the Boulder Valley School District.